Update from President

9 January 2022

  • City of Ottawa updates

  • Update for string instruments

  • Update for wind/brass intruments

Bonjour to all,

Happy New Year to all of you, I hope you all had a good and happy Holiday's Season despite all the Covid-19 measures. As you suspect, the City of Ottawa has suspended all rentals putting a hold on our rehearsals: for both strings and wind/brass. The City of Ottawa has suspended all rental until the end of January 2022 at which time they will re-evaluate their options: so we are unlikely to start before February 2022.

Quick updates for the strings: the music selection has been done, the librarian is preparing the scores and the parts that should be released very soon. The "Brass Band" that normally rehearse on the Wednesday evening at the Nepean Creative Arts Centre rehearsal hall hasn't resign their contract to start again so we might be able to return at that place when the City reopens. More to follow, at the moment we still have a contract for the Glen Cairn Community Centre. Wherever we end up resuming playing, expect limitation on number of players and distanciation. Contact me for more information (President@kanatasymphony.ca).

Quick updates for the wind/brass: same situation for reheasal space, it will be either the Nepean Creative Arts Centre or the Glen Cairn Community Centre. Same restrictions for number and distanciation will apply. Contact David or Kathryn for more information.

More to follow,