Update from President

12 November 2021

  • City of Ottawa rules update

  • Update for string instrument

  • Update for wind/brass instrument

Bonjour to all,

A lot of action in the last week happened as the City of Ottawa relaxed the conditions of rental for our rehearsal space. The 2 meter distanciation rule and the plexiglass requirement for wind/brass instruments have been removed. The cap limit of 23 persons has also been eliminated. All this means that our wind and brass players can now play inside City of Ottawa rented space without a requirement for plexiglass.

The strings will continue playing as before (String ensemble ) and we plan to expand progressively the number of players while maintaining the balance amongst the various instruments. String players who wishes to join the active KSO string ensemble should send me an email at "President@kanatasymphony.ca".

Under the leadership of David Yensen (French Horn) and Kathryn Gauthier (French Horn), several wind/brass players have been rehearsing for many months. Their activities were mainly conducted outside in private settings or in public parks when weather permitted. With the cold weather moving in, those ensembles have moved inside for their rehearsal. There is an effort to have more KSO wind/brass/percussion players playing together again: there are four Friday evenings rehearsals (starting this week) booked at the Nepean Creative Arts Centre and you are encouraged to contact David Yensen or Kathryn Gauthier.

That should be all for the moment, more to follow! Keep practicing or playing your instruments and stay safe!