Value of  A Community Orchestra

What the KSO brings to our community!


For live classical or contemporary performances, Kanata Symphony Orchestra concerts are an excellent choice. Ticket prices are extremely reasonable and great value, and whether you purchase tickets for a specific concert or a subscription series, you can’t beat the price. Throw in free parking and closer-to- home travel and your local community orchestra looks even better.


Never been to the symphony? The Kanata Symphony Orchestra is a great starting point. Don’t care for dressing up in tux, tails and evening gown? Don’t worry, just come as you are and enjoy the experience. Aren’t familiar with classical music? You’d be surprised how many popular classical pieces you already know from movie soundtracks, TV shows and even cartoons with many more waiting to be discovered.


The Kanata Symphony Orchestra provides opportunities for local businesses: local movers transport large instruments to concert venues; church halls and community centre venues are rented; piano tuners are needed; key orchestra members may receive per diems as do guest soloists; programs are printed; and local businesses have opportunities to be featured via advertising and sponsorship. Whether directly or indirectly, your ticket helps support local business.


The Kanata Symphony Orchestra provides performance opportunities for local musicians of all ages and generations, and often showcases upcoming local talent (see "KSO AND RISING STARS" below). The orchestra provides a large ensemble experience for students either as section players or as a soloist, and playing in the orchestra promotes individual responsibility and practice together with a very high degree of teamwork – both of which are highly transferrable skills.


The Kanata Symphony Orchestra has a number of professional musicians – the conductor and concertmaster, for example – but mostly its ranks are filled with dedicated amateurs. Orchestra members include music students, people returning to music after many years absence, music teachers, and seniors. If you love making music and want to be part of a very special group of people working closely together, consider joining the orchestra! (and if you play a string instrument, you’re almost guaranteed a warm welcome!)


Need live music for your next event, special birthday or pool party? The Kanata Symphony Orchestra can also provide music for a commemoration, a seasonal celebration, a special event. Looking for music lessons? A music teacher? We can help directly or will connect you with someone who can. Members of the Kanata Symphony usually play in other ensembles as well, so the number of connections we have is exponential and our members will gladly recommend where to buy music, take classes, inform you about other concerts in the region, buy a new or pre-owned instrument or get one repaired and more.


The Kanata Symphony Orchestra is a not-for-profit organization and depends entirely on public and private support to make music, so your donation is tax-deductible. Supporting the performing arts in Kanata is a rewarding way to support local musicians, give back to our community and keep the music playing!

KSO and Rising Stars 

Performing as a soloist in front of a full orchestra is an experience the KSO has given to several young musicians in the Ottawa area.   Supporting local musicians, coaches and teachers is one of the key objectives of the KSO. 

Kerson Leong

Kerson Leong performed "Vieuxtemps Ballade et Polonaise with the KSO as part of the November 8, 2008 winter concert.  

Bryan Cheng 

March 3, 2012, Bryan performed Dvorak's Concerto for Cello and Orchestra in B minor. 

May 11, 2013, Bryan performed Haydn's Concerto #1 for Cello and Orchestra. 

Maria Krstic

Maria performed Saint-Saens' Introduction and Capriccioso on violin with the KSO February 24, 2018.  

Peter Perez Rojas

Peter Perez performed with the KSO May 12, 2018.  Peter performed Weber's Clarinet Concerto with the Orchestra.